InBody Composition Analysis at Park View Fitness

Stop letting the number on the scale represent your fitness progress! Learn about your body composition with an InBody composition analysis at Park View Fitness. During the InBody test fat, lean body mass and water will be broken down on an easy to read results sheet. Use the analysis to find the best method of exercise and nutrition to reach your goals. The noninvasive test will take about 30 seconds to complete and there is no skin fold or dunking required. The platform and electrode handles will do all the work. InBody Professional  Megan Vazquez will administer the test and explain the results to you and supply a copy for you to take home. Must register at least one week prior to assessment. You may register online, but will need to schedule a 15 minute time slot either by stopping in or calling the front desk at 847.388.5430.

To register online for April 29 am time slots, select program 9604, pm slots, program 9605.
For May 27 am time slots register for program 9606 and pm, 9607