Parking Lot Project at Mundelein Community Center

Over the past few years the Mundelein Park & Recreation District has made several improvements to the Community Center in order to enhance the appearance of the facility and make your experience more enjoyable.
We want to make you aware of an upcoming project at the Community Center to improve the parking lot. From August 26 to October 25, a portion of the main parking lot will be regraded and reconstructed to allow for better drainage and to meet today’s building standards. We will also be repairing the sidewalks around the front of the facility and adding more accessible parking spaces to the main parking lot.
The Community Center will remain open throughout this project but you can expect ongoing changes to traffic patterns. Access into and out of the parking lots and the facility will be clearly marked. We will also ensure that we have accessible pathways to enter into the Community Center. We appreciate your patience and understanding as undergo this project. We look forward to creating a better, safer and more accessible parking lot for you.