Timeline and FAQ’s for reopening

Here is a chart of our programs and facilities and their tentative status pending the State’s Guidelines . These dates may be subject to change. We will be monitoring and update the chart as needed.

timetable for reopening

Frequently Asked Questions

The Park District is closely following updates from the State of Illinois, Village of Mundelein and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our Executive Director is in regular and ongoing contact with Village leaders. We are following the guidelines and recommendations provided by the CDC, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and our risk management provider PDRMA in order to reopen safely.

Our reopening plans align with standard safety recommendations for recreation activities as outlined by federal, state and local health agencies including the CDC and IDPH. We are also working with our risk management agency on implementation of recommendations, and going above-and-beyond to adjust programming so we can continue safely connecting residents with our array of recreational and leisure assets in spite of these challenging circumstances.

The Park District has developed protocols and procedures for employees and patrons. All employees will be trained on how to keep themselves and patrons safe to the fullest extent possible. The Park District uses EPA approved cleaners in their facilities. When visiting Park District facilities, patrons should expect periods of safety breaks in which facilities will close for short periods of time to sanitize.

The Park District will follow the direction required by the Governor’s office. Beyond that we adhere to the recommendations of the CDC, IDPH and our risk management provider, PDRMA. Temperature checks are not currently required by the Governor’s office for the activities or the facilities we provide at the facility. Temperature checks are also not recommended by PDRMA. 

Face coverings are currently required in all public buildings in Mundelein. Face coverings will be required inside Park District facilities until further notice.

Playgrounds are now open.

The Park District has implemented several cost-saving measures to improve our ability to continue to offer programs, facilities and services to the community during this time, but it is too early to tell how this summer’s activities will impact the budget for future seasons. We remain optimistic that the progress fighting the virus in Illinois and the village of Mundelein continues to trend positively. With public health and compliance with state and local guidelines in mind, the District fully intends and hopes to return to the breadth and variety of pre-COVID offerings in Fall 2020 and beyond.

We will post signage with instructions and reminders for patrons to practice social distancing at Park District facilities. Staff will assist patrons as needed. The Park District will adhere to capacity limits at all facilities and equipment will be spaced out to allow for social distancing wherever possible. Face coverings are encouraged throughout and required when 6ft of social distancing cannot be observed.  

The Community Center is back open for in-person registration and for rehabilitation services at NovaCare Rehabilitation Clinic. The indoor pool, gymnasium and fitness center will open on July 6 with restrictions. Please see NovaCare Fitness web page for details.

Virtual programs will continue as long as there is interest and active enrollment/participation.

You can register through our on-line registration system.  All of our programs will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. For inclement weather, please Check Rainout line 224.263.3006. You can download the Rainout Line AP on you phone. Learn More.  We will continue to keep some offerings virtual as well for those who are unable to attend in person or who feel most comfortable participating from home. We are thankful the District is home to a great amount of open space and an innovative staff to share these varied offerings with our community.

So many! From classes to contests and downloadable activities – check out our website at for more.

Barefoot Bay and/or Aquatics

Yes, all Barefoot Bay season pass holders will automatically receive a refund for the 2020 season. If you would like to donate all or a portion of your refund to the Mundelein Park District Foundation, an independent nonprofit that supports recreational scholarships for disadvantaged members of the community, please contact  registration@mundeleinparks.org

As a government organization, we will follow all state and local guidelines.  We also follow guidelines provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) for the safe operation of our aquatic facilities. Public agencies were notified in late June that they will be allowed to open water parks, beaches and spray parks in Phase 4 of the Governor’s reopening plan.  Unfortunately, the state’s announcement came too late in order to give us the time we need to properly prepare the facility and train the staff. We look forward to reopening in 2021. This summer we will be opening the Spray Park and Diamond Lake Beach from July 1 through Labor Day. 

Diamond Lake Beach and Spray Park opened Wednesday, July 1. Please see their pages for hours and more information.
Diamond Lake Beach
Spray Park


NovaCare Fitness Center

Memberships to the Fitness Center can be cancelled as long as they are no longer within a contract (1 year). All fitness memberships are on hold currently and we will continue to honor the holds for those members who are not ready to return. If your membership is within a contract, contact our registration staff at registration@mundeleinparks.org or 847-566-0650 during regular operating hours.

As we continue receiving guidance on restrictions and recommendations for fitness centers from the CDC and Governor’s Office, we are preparing to develop a temporary operational plan for the fitness center in light of COVID-19. Once we are ready to move forward with our plan, we will share details with our members and community via email.

All fitness memberships are on hold currently and we will continue to honor the holds for those members who are not ready to return. Questions can be directed to our registration staff at registration@mundeleinparks.org or by contacting us at 847-566-0650 during regular operating hours.

Fitness Centers will be able to open for 1-on-1 personal training during Phase 3 of the Governor’s Plan.  The Park District is evaluating personal training options.  During Phase 4, fitness centers will be able to open with limited capacity. The Park District will continue to follow recommendations from the CDC and our risk management provider, PDRMA and update our safety precautions as needed.

Big and Little and/or Camps

Once your child is no longer contagious or exhibiting symptoms, they will be able to return to their program. Please consult your doctor for advice on when returning to activities is safe and appropriate.  The Park District will be providing guidelines for returning.

We will notify local health officials, staff, and families immediately of any potential COVID-19 cases while ensuring we are maintaining patient confidentiality in accordance with privacy laws. A designated room at each District facility will be available for anyone showing signs of illness to quarantine in safely until they are picked up from the facility.  The Park District will be keeping a log of who entered the building. Program participants or others possibly in contact with the patient will be relocated to a different area while the contaminated space is quarantined and cleaned after 24 hours. Patients and those in contact with them may be encouraged to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines.