Bids & Projects

The Mundelein Park & Recreation District has adopted a Prevailing Wage Ordinance in compliance with 820 ILCS 130/0.01 through 130/12. Current prevailing wage schedules  for Lake County, Illinois can be found here

Prevailing Wage Ordinance 18-06-01

2018 Bids

Holcomb Park Construction Bid

Barefoot Bay pool heater bid 2018

Mundelein Park District Janitorial Services – Bid Document 2018

Attachment A – Mundelein Hours of Operation

Attachment B – Mundelein Janitorial Task List

Bid Specs HVAC 2018

Bid Specs Seal Coat 2018

2017 Bids

2017 Lochinvar Pool Heater

Barefoot Bay water slide renovation bid 2017

2017 Chalet Bid Notice

Landscape Maint Contract – questions answers and addenda

2017 Landscape Maint Bid Form

2017 Landscape Maint Bid Specs

2017 Landscape Maint ADDENDUM

2017 Landscape Maint ADDENDUM II

2017 Landscape Maint ADDENDUM III


2017 Mundelein Court Rehabilitation – Project Manual

2017 Asphalt Paving @ Steeple Chase

2017-06-30 Lakewood Heights Court Rehabilitation – Project Manual (2)

2017-07-03 Scott Brown Park – Project Manual

Goodwin Demo Specs

2016 Bids

Cutter Notice

2016 MCC Indoor Pool Roof

2016 Seal Coating Bid Specs

2016 Turf & Landscaping Services

Bid Specs playground fall zone material 2016

Bid Specs – MCC roof top 2016

2016 Memorial Park Courts Rehab Project




Bull Creek Drawings Full-size part1

Bull Creek Drawings Full-size_part2

Bull Creek Drawings-Halfsize-part1

Bull Creek Drawings-Halfsize-part2