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Services to Participants with Disabilities

Mundelein Park & Recreation District is a Member Agency of the Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County. SRACLC, a cooperative of three park districts and four villages, provides year-round recreation programs and services for children, teens, and adults with special needs and disabilities. SRACLC offers fitness and sports, drama and music, arts and crafts, camps and day programs, and numerous other recreation opportunities. The agency strives to create new experiences, opportunities for skill development, meaningful recreation, and a safe place to make friends and “be yourself”.

SRACLC Mission Statement

The Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County provides recreation programs and services to individuals with special needs or disabilities, and their families, who reside within the boundaries of Member Agency communities.

SRACLC Vision Statement

To be a respected leader through the provision of high quality community based recreation experiences that enrich the quality of life for our participants and their families.

For more information about SRACLC visit www.sraclc.org.

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Inclusion Services

SRACLC offers nearly 500 recreation programs per year for people of all ages and ability, but Mundelein Park & Recreation District believes in equal opportunity for everyone and everyone should be allowed to participate at their highest level.

Mundelein Park & Recreation Services and SRACLC together provide inclusion services to individuals with disabilities wishing to participate in the Mundelein Park & Recreation District recreation programs at no additional cost to the family. Inclusion services may include, when necessary, staff training, program modifications/adaptations, adapted equipment, additional staff, and program observations.

Requesting Inclusion Services

When registering for a Mundelein Park & Recreation District program for the first time:

For more information about Mundelein Park & Recreation Services inclusion services:

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Customer Service Coordinator
Mundelein Park & Recreation

Kelly Smith
Recreation Manager