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About Mundelein Park & Recreation District


More than 800 acres make up the Mundelein Park & Recreation District (MPRD), including 33 parks for hiking and biking, 20 tennis courts, 28 playgrounds, picnic shelters, and more.

Conveniently located in north-central Lake County, the District serves a growing population of more than 35,000 residents with year-round programs, and education and recreational opportunities for all ages. Facilities include the award-winning Steeple Chase Golf Club, Mundelein Community Center, NovaCare Fitness Center, Diamond Lake Beach, Barefoot Bay Family Aquatic Center, Spray Park, Regent Center, Dunbar Recreation Center, Mundelein Heritage Museum, and Diamond Lake Sports Complex.

Mundelein Park District Goals  and Objectives

The District’s goals and objectives were developed to guide the District in the development of programs and facilities. They are a roadmap of where the District is heading. Goals are more broad based and indicate the end desire. Objectives are more specific and outline how the goal will be achieved and are generally measurable.
Goals and objectives have been developed in the following areas:

• Recreation Programming
• Acquisition of Parks and Open Space Areas
• Maintenance/Redevelopment of Parks and Facilities
• Financial Resources
• Image/Service
• Community Awareness and Participation
• Technology
• Employee Development

Binder of Documentation

2019 Binder of Documentation

Community Survey Report

2015 Community Survey Full Report

Strategic plan for 2016-2020

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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