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Rose Nudo-Semsak

Group Exercise

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, toning, adding muscle, or increasing energy, we have programs to help you reach your goals. Simply select any combination to suit your needs. Drop by for a group class (walk–ins welcome). No advance registration is needed. For ages 14 and older. Expirations apply.


Includes all group exercise classes, hot tub and sauna. Excludes program fitness classes.

Membership TypeDailyMonthlyAnnual
R/NR/SR$7 --
Unlimited R/NR$35$382
Senior (62+) Unlimited R/NR$31.50$309

Group Exercise Class offerings

Aqua ROM A low-intensity water class that focuses on range of motion, strength, balance, and functional movement. For individuals that are post-rehab, pre/post natal or have joint difficulties. No swimming required — your head stays DRY!

Barre Designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes and legs.

Body by Ballroom  Combines the elegance and grace of ballroom dance with the benefits of a good cardio workout. High energy, dance-based fitness class.

Cardio Core  Burn calories while concentrating on core strength, balance and flexibility. Inspired by Middle Eastern Belly Dance, we use unique choreography and great music.

Cardio Drumming  Burn calories while increasing muscular strength. We use unique “drums” along  with fun choreography and inspiring music.

Cycling  (indoor) Ride flats, hills, jumps and sprints with proper warm up and cool-down stretches.

Group Training  A group class with a personal training feel. Uses free weights and cardio/weight training machines.

H2O Fitness Let the water condition you through buoyancy, drag and resistance. Reduce impact to your body and help increase range of motion. Core stabilization and balance work included.

HIIT it!  This high intensity interval training (HIIT) class will really get your body moving. Power and explosive movements are balanced with short rest to train your body to work harder.

In Balance  Specifically designed for the senior who needs support for activities of daily living. 

Kickboxing Mix of aerobic activity, target practice and resistance training.  Participants work at higher intensities for short periods to increase anaerobic threshold.

Muscle and Core Uses bands, hand weights, bounce balls and fitness balls to improve upper and lower body strength and toning.

Pilates Improves physical strength , flexibility and posture while increasing body awareness.

Pilates Chair Improves physical strength , flexibility and posture while increasing body awareness using a chair to aid in achieving movements.

Power Lunch Feel invigorated to finish your day after powering up with heart-pounding resistance training!

Step Up Your Cardio Give yourself a lift by taking a step in the right direction! Step cardio is a great way to increase our endurance and feel the burn.

Rise and Shine Start the day with this energetic circuit strength class; combining body weight, free weights and bands.

Triple G: Guts, Glutes and Guns: Interval workout class consisting of exercises designed to target and tone your body. Each class is unique and promotes muscle confusion.

Vertical Pilates A continual movement, zero impact class combining calorie burning aerobics, the lengthening and strengthening of Pilates and the balance and centering of yoga.

Vinyassa Yoga Uses breathing exercises, a variety of poses and relaxation tools to increase core strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness.

Yoga Chair Uses breathing exercises, a variety of poses and relaxation tools to increase core strength, endurance and flexibility with the stability of a chair.

Zumba® Get fit and healthy with this unique, Latin American music-infused program. A great way to get and stay in shape with music as your guide.

Zumba® Toning Takes Zumba to the next level. An innovative muscle training program with the addition of light weight toning sticks.