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Group Exercise

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, toning, adding muscle, or increasing energy, we have programs to help you reach your goals. Simply select any combination to suit your needs. Drop by for a group class (walk–ins welcome). No advance registration is needed. For ages 14 and older. Expirations apply.


Includes all group exercise classes, hot tub and sauna. Excludes program fitness classes.

Membership TypeDailyMonthlyAnnual
R/NR/SR$7 --
Unlimited R/NR$35$382
Senior (62+) Unlimited R/NR$31.50$309

Group Exercise Class offerings

Aqua Range of Motion:  Aqua ROM is a low intensity water class that focuses on range-of-motion, strength, balance and functional movement. A therapeutic and enjoyable class for individuals that are post-rehabilitation, pre/post natal or experiencing neurological or joint difficulties. No swim experience required.

Barre: Barre is designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes and legs. By using small, controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetition, you can develop a dancer’s physique much faster than you can imagine!

Body Blast: Up your conditioning with this combination of resistance training and running drills.  We will focus on short running intervals to build speed and endurance, paired with a full body strength workout!

Cardio Drumming: Join us and get your heart pounding to the beat of your own “drum!” In this class we will burn Calories while increasing muscular strength. We use unique “drums” along with fun choreography and inspiring music! Come feel the beat!

Cycling: Cycling is an excellent cardio workout that incorporates different cycling cadence variations to mimic flats and hills. This class also emphasizes the importance of a proper warm-up, cool-down, and stretches. Reservations required. Call the front desk to reserve a bike at 847.388.5430.

Group Training: This class uses different cardiovascular machines, weight machines, free weights and resistance tubing. It’s a great way to learn how to use different types of fitness equipment in a gym!

H2O Fitness: uses water to assist your workout through gentle buoyancy and resistance . Buoyancy reduces impact to joints and water resistance (12x the resistance of air) helps build strength. This class will help increase range of motion, core stabilization and balance.

Hard Core Muscle: This class will leave you feeling sweaty and strong. No muscle group is off limits in this hour class. Challenge yourself with the workout you know you need!

In Balance: This class is specifically designed for the senior who needs support for ADL (activities of daily living). Warm up with a walk or seated machine like the NuStep. Following the warm up will be a series low impact movements to improve balance and R.O.M. (range of motion).

Kickboxing:  Mix of aerobic activity, target practice, and resistance training. Participants will work at higher intensities for short periods to increase anaerobic threshold. Plus, you get to kick and punch!

Muscle and Core: Use bands, hand weights, bounce balls and fitness balls to improve upper and lower body strength and toning. A dose of core work is included to make this an efficient all around workout. Beginners are welcome!

Pilates:  Improve physical strength, flexibility and posture, while increasing body awareness. These mat-based exercises are designed to elongate and strengthen the muscles by using the body’s core as the foundation for movement.

Rise and Shine: Start the day with this energetic circuit strength class; combining body weight, free weights, and bands. Will you rise to the occasion?

Strength and Step: The best of both worlds! Work those muscles with some guided resistance training, followed by the cardio you need to burn fat! So, give yourself a lift by taking a step in the right direction! Strength and Step is a great combo to increase your endurance and feel the burn!

Tabata: Mix up your routine with this fast and fun interval workout. Based on program design from Japanese Professor Izumi Tabata, you will work 20 second intervals with 10 seconds rest, repeated for 4 minutes. Build your anaerobic capacity while you burn Calories at a higher rate!

Triple G (Guts, Guns, and Glutes): Interval workout class consisting of exercises designed to target and tone your body. Each class is unique and promotes muscle confusion.

Vertical Pilates: A continual movement, zero impact class combining calorie burning aerobics, the lengthening and strengthening of Pilates and the balanced centering of Yoga all in one class

Vinyasa Yoga:  Vinyasa uses breathing exercises, a variety of poses, and relaxation tools to increase core strength, endurance and flexibility. This class will focus on Vinyasa Flow which focuses on linking one pose to another using our breath.

Strong by Zumba: combines interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Zumba: Get fit and healthy with a new fusion of Latin & International dance music. Combines high energy music with unique Latin moves.

Zumba Gold: Zumba Gold is designed for our senior members or the member new to Zumba. Enjoy all the fun and music of Zumba but at a pace and intensity designed for the golden years! Come shake your tail with specialty trained instructors!