Mundelein E-Learning Hub

Mundelein Park District E-Learning Hub is committed to providing a safe in-person program for children during their school’s remote learning period. The program allows you to enroll your child in a quality program, and eliminate the stress of juggling your child’s schoolwork and job workload. You will have the assurance of knowing that your child is receiving excellent, supervised care.

In this program, children will be in a small group setting with supportive help from experienced staff,  allowing him/her to excel during required online learning.  Your child’s regular school teachers will provide all remote learning. Our number one goal is to keep your child safe while attending the program. We will follow all COVID precautions, as recommended by the IDPH and the CDC, including mask-wearing and social distancing.

Mundelein E-Learning Hub is open to students k-8 in Mundelein School Districts 75, 76, and 79. Children will be put into small groups of no more than 15 and organized by school and grade level. Students will receive supportive help from experienced staff, allowing them to excel during required online learning. Students’ regular teachers will provide all remote learning, and children will follow their school’s bell schedule.

While safety is a priority, the Park District also realizes the importance of social and emotional health. That is why The Park District will also offer guided physical and enrichment activities along with time for free play.

Tuition: Tuition for residents is $150 per week and for nonresidents $210 per week. The extended-stay option is an additional $50 per week for residents and $60 for nonresidents. Scholarships may be available from the Mundelein Parks Foundation for those families who qualify.

For more information about the program, contact or Cheri Rehor, Recreation Supervisor at

Registration for Children in District 75

Registration for Children in District 76

Registration for Children in District 79

E-Learning Parent Handbook


Q. Will there be technical support for my child in case they have computer issues?

A. Yes, in conjunction with your child’s school we will be able to provide technical support for your child.


Q. My child does not attend District 75 schools; can they still attend your e-learning program?

A. Yes, we are able to accommodate students from other Mundelein schools at Park District facilities.

Where will the program be held?

A.  The program may be held at Dunbar Recreation Center. Students will be divided by grade. We will follow CDC guidelines and limit small group sizes.

Will siblings be kept together?

A. Students will be divided by grade. It may occur that siblings will be together but only if they happen to fall within the grade range for the e-learning hub site. Each site will have an early drop off starting at 7 a.m. to account for any additional travel time.

Do you offer any multi-child discounts?

A. Unfortunately due to our limited capacity we are not able to offer multiple child discounts.

Can my child do partial days or only attend a few days a week?

A. You may pick up your child at any time. Children may attend less than 5 days per week and continue their e-learning at home. There will be no pro-rated fees.

How will you handle teacher institute days or days when there’s no e-learning?

A. On days when there is no e-learning, the Park District will offer our traditional School’s Day Off program. See our program brochure for further information.

Will transportation be provided?

A. Transportation may be available for those who have specific needs. Please contact us to make a request for transportation assistance.

Will you have staff who speak Spanish?

A. We cannot guarantee that we will have bilingual staff working the program. We will provide as much assistance as possible. Please contact the school district for further assistance.

How will you accommodate children with special needs?

A. The Park District works with SRACLC on inclusion support for children with special needs in recreation programs. Please communicate any specific accommodations needed at the time of enrollment. We encourage you to contact the school district prior to enrolling in an e-learning hub.

Will there be scholarships available?

A. Financial assistance may be available for those that meet specific conditions. Please contact us for a financial hardship application.

Q. Why is this program being held but my child can’t go to school?

A. The decision to have students attend school by e-learning is beyond our control. As a provider of before and after school care through our RecConnect program and our offerings of summer camp and child care on no school days, we are confident in our ability to safely provide care and educational support during this time of e-learning for the students in our community.